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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Week 5, Thing 12

The custom search is an excellent tool for elementary school. Our district restricts students from free range surfing the Internet while at school. Students are supposed to only use sites that have been preselected by their teacher. Our teachers have all created Teacher Web web sites and all have an ED1Stop account where they can create custom listings for students. We also subscribe to Grolier Online for students to use in school and at home. Although Rollyo seems to meet the needs, I think that the choices we have already put in place are good for us. In fact, when creating my search roll for this assignment I just cut and pasted the links I already had on my library website. Here is the link to my Rollyo search for Animals: .
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mackay said...

Hey RoadReader-

Re:Rollyo-I don't understand why "Entire Web" is included at the end of all the sites selected-doesn't that negate the whole point of limiting the search? I seem to be missing something, and I'm not getting feedback.