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The Desk
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Week 3, Thing #5

This was something I was comfortable with. I use digital photography a lot and I already had a Flikr account after being introduced to it at the Chocolate Tech Affaire. I was also already using Picasa.
I love working with photographs and manipulating them with graphic tools. One of my favorite things to do is take a color photo and use a sepia or antiquing tool. That's what I did with the photo of my desk (which, by the way, is organized in it's own unique way) that I uploaded onto the blog. I used the blog tool to do this.
I also marked it as public and used the tag School Library learning 2.0 as instructed but when I do a search of that tag I am told that Flickr gives up and can't find anything. I can find the picture on my account and it shows the tag as schoollibrarylearning20. Several attempts to change it have proven fruitless so any assistance will be appreciated.
Also, I have a question. Is there a School Library learning 2.0 on Flikr that we should join?
I took a peek at the blogs of others and enjoyed every one's photos.

On a side note, this online learning opportunity was discussed yesterday at our district Library meeting. I tried to encourage the other library personnel in my district to join me on this journey. I am at one of only two year-round schools in our district. Everyone else is wrapping up their school year this month so I am hoping some, if not all of them will jump on board.

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Your antique-looking desk photo is eye catching. Love it! Glad you also enjoyed the Chocolate Affair workshop -- how delicious!

As to Flickr photo searches, there is a delay because your photos go through a filter of sorts to keep nasty things off Flickr.

The CSLA 2.0 Team needs to create a Flickr collection of School Library Learning 2.0 photos before June 1st -- thanks for the nudge, early bird!