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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week 9 Thing 21 Podcasts

That's Little Lightning visiting the Matterhorn in Switzerland!

Podcasts are an useful tool in the classroom and the library. It opens up the world to students. A podcast can bring an author into the library when the budget can't.

I found a storyteller named Mr. Howerton who tells Kipling's Just So Stories. He has a great voice. As I listened I instantly thought of one of our third grade teachers who uses fables and trickster tales throughout the year. I will be sharing Mr. Howerton's site with her soon. I subscribed to the RSS feed for this site. It's located at . This was found in the Educational Podcast Directory. In Podcast Alley I found Learn Out Loud which has Aesop Fables podcasts. The site for this is .

Even though Itunes has been around for a while, I think the use of podcasts in the classroom and library is still in its toddler stage. There is a great potential here for distance learning. I think the classroom experience for students who are homebound or hospitalized could be enhanced through a podcast.

On a more personal level, what a great way for grandparents who live far away to read a nightly bedtime story. Or for a parent who is out of town to share that favorite book with a child.


IrmaPince said...

Gret ideas for the use of podcasts. Have you posted them on our curriculum wiki?

Russell Howerton said...

I am so very flattered and honored to have been mentioned so pleasantly in your comments.(Storytelling By Mr. Howerton)
I have been telling/reading for children in my community for years. During that time I've gotten lots of positive feedback from children, parents, and teachers. They were the ones who encouraged me to do the podcast. When I read to children I call it a "literacy demonstration" and emphasize the benefits of being able to read well. "It's worth the effort to learn to read well" etc.....
Would love to get rich and famous doing it so I could do it full time but if that doesn't happen at least I helped a few children.
Mentioning me as you did helps me to reach more teachers/parents/children. I am grateful.
If I can repay you by podcasting a particular story, let me know.

Russell Howerton