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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week 8 Thing 19 Library Thing

I enjoyed Library Thing. It wasn't my first visit there but I had not established an account before. It's a little like snooping around someone else's bookshelf. You always discover some treasure hidden away between a classic and a biography.

I chose to list the 9 books that were left off my last Follett shipment for whatever reason. Some were out of stock and some were not yet published. I thought it would be interesting to see what others thought of those books. I found that all 9 of them were on the book lists of others, although, only one had a discussion attached to it.

I did think of a couple of possible uses by the staff at my school. Teachers always have their favorite books for certain units. Library Thing might be a good way for them to organize and share their lists with each other and with their students.

This is one of those tools that I think takes a good deal of exploring to discover all of the education connections attached to it.

Here's another picture of Little Lightning. This was on this summer's visit to France (We have a very well travelled staff!)

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