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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week 7, Thing #16

English poet, Alexander Pope, wrote, "A little learning is a dangerous thing (An Essay on Criticism, 1709). That was my initial feeling about Wikis. My bias went so far as to convince the fifth grade teachers at my school to steer their students widely away from them as a research tool for students.
Because of this adverse opinion, I really felt that I needed to visit all of the samples in this exercise and give it close scrutiny. I think I was looking to validate my prejudice. My opinion of their value in student research has not changed. But now I can see that there is a place for the "wicked" wiki in the world even if it isn't my world.
The slide show created by Meredith Gorran Farkas, Norwich University, is an excellent tutorial for those wanting a clear picture of what a wiki can be used for. She also sums up, in the very first slide, the pros and cons. If you haven't already looked at it, I recommend you do (


IrmaPince said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check out her site ASAP. Wikis are only as wicked as the people who make them. Let's be the force of change to make them useful and good.

School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Yes, thanks for the recommendation. Why not link to it directly? There is a hyperlink icon available to you when you post. Check it out.


tweedledum said...

I have misgivings about wiki's also. I think they have their place, but I see the need for real authority with all the misinformation flying in Neverland. Whats Up?